Retro Fits and Technology

SPS Packaging retrofits and technology could extend and enhance the life of your machine, provide valuable throughput, and productivity improvements.   Specially designed retrofit kits may help support new package styles, applications, or just plain fix something that is giving you a problem. Component upgrades can increase run speeds, reduce downtime, facilitate changeovers, and help eliminate costly bottlenecks. 

SPS offers unique and patented technologies to improve performance and extend the life of your equipment.  Additionally, we can install manufacturer-recommended upgrades that will have your equipment performing like new at a fraction of the cost.


One of our most popular upgrades is the SPS Green Machine Side Seal.  This patented technology virtually eliminates the need to clean the debris from inside the unit and eliminates the troublesome sealing wheels in favor of a digitally-controlled heater with a thermocouple.  It applies the right heat and pressure for the right amount of time to make strong, flawless seals in your shrink film.

The result is reduced downtime and higher production yields, every day. There are over 700 of these units in the field and each comes with a three-year warranty on all parts, other than belts.  SPS offers a 90-day satisfaction guarantee. Install it, run it. If not satisfied, return it for a full refund. 

We offer Allen Bradley PLC upgrades for your older and reconditioned equipment along with the associated programming services for AB PLC’s, VFD’s, and HMI’s.  Our field service technicians have the necessary training and software to support the system controls need of your operation. 

SPS can provide the correct solution for:

  • Packaging line integration
  • Wiring architecture between interlocks
  • Safety mechanisms
  • Monitoring screens
  • Simple motor drive installation
  • and more!

SPS has the staff and ability to provide the correct solution.  Reach out to SPS today, you will understand why we are The Whole Package.

Get to know SPS.  You’ll understand why we are the Whole Package!

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