Polyolefin Shrink Film

Founded in 1970, we are pioneers in the development and use of polyolefin shrink film. As engineers at Dupont Corporation, our founders helped develop original industry-leading polyolefin shrink film formulations for commercial use. Today, we’re a collaborative team of degreed packaging engineers, packaging specialists, graphic designers, and project managers. We deliver high-performance packaging solutions for many industries and applications by combining our extensive expertise with industry-leading polyolefin shrink films.

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Polyolefin shrink film industries and applications

Our polyolefin shrink film is known for its industry-leading clarity, gloss, and gauge consistency. Its primary uses include consolidating multiple items for point of purchase, creating an effective product barrier, and bundling common products for distribution. A few of the notable polyolefin shrink film industries and applications include:

  • Club stores and retailers
  • Food and beverage
  • Paper and publishing
  • Healthcare and pharmaceutical
  • E-commerce and direct fulfillment
  • Gift baskets

Is polyolefin shrink film right for your application? Contact an SPS packaging specialist to find out.

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12 Benefits of polyolefin shrink film

undefinedWhen you choose to work with SPS, the following are just some of the benefits you can expect:

  1. High-quality – Our polyolefin shrink film features industry-leading clarity, gloss, and gauge consistency, lending superior quality and performance worthy of your brand.
  2. Economical – With a commitment to provide the lowest cost per packaged unit, count on our polyolefin shrink film to remain competitive in an evolving market.
  3. Stability and reliability – Our polyolefin shrink film is a stable and reliable material that won’t discolor or become brittle with age and freezing temperatures.
  4. Made in the USA – As a domestic product, our polyolefin shrink film is not vulnerable to shortages, delays, or other supply reliability challenges that can arise with internationally-sourced films.
  5. Quick turnaround – SPS stocks a wide variety of blends, sizes and gauges in our network of warehouses, with most items stocked for next day delivery. We pride ourselves on fast responses and turnaround times.
  6. Certified and approved – Our line of Clysar® polyolefin shrink film has earned the following nationally-recognized certifications and approvals: ISO 9001:2008 certified quality, FDA/USDA approved packaging, and FSSC 22000 certified.
  7. Tamper-evident – If the polyolefin shrink film on your product is punctured or otherwise compromised, the evidence of package tampering is easy to identify. This level of tamper evidence is particularly useful for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.
  8. Clean and hygienic product appearance – Our polyolefin shrink film’s transparent clarity provides a clean and hygienic impression of your package’s contents so that only the best features of your product shines through.
  9. Safe for food – Our polyolefin shrink film is BPA-free, making it safe for food and other consumables.  In addition to these product features, SPS is an SQF Certified Supplier.
  10. Wide selection – We offer a complete selection of polyolefin shrink film, including standard, low energy, high shrink, and high-speed films, depending on your application specifications.
  11. Excellent printability – Polyolefin shrink film is printable using up to 10 colors to transform your product appearance and enhance brand image and recognition. Learn more about our graphic design capabilities.
  12. Reduces the need for corrugate – Printed polyolefin shrink films can mimic corrugate without the extra cost, saving you money, and boosting your profitability.

Contact an SPS packaging specialist to learn more about how your company can benefit from our polyolefin shrink film.

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Polyolefin shrink film features and options

We offer many features and options to customize polyolefin shrink film to meet your specifications and preferences, including:

  • 35-150-gauge range to achieve your desired containment strength and product security
  • Easy-to-open features like Tear Strip® to allow easy access to your product
  • Full-body shrink to completely encapsulate your product
  • Print-treated film available for excellent printability

Tell us about your project to learn more about the features and options that would best fit your application.

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Our history with polyolefin shrink film

Our history with polyolefin shrink film

We have a long and storied history with polyolefin shrink film that begins several decades ago when our founders Jim Gieber and Frank James worked at DuPont Corporation. As project engineers, they played a pivotal role in developing film formulations for commercial use.

With help from DuPont, Jim and Frank launched our company in 1970 and brought the Clysar shrink film line to the packaging industry. Clysar manufactures high-performance polyolefin shrink films for a wide variety of packaging applications. It operates worldwide and has over 300 employees at its Clinton, Iowa headquarters.

Today, we remain proud to represent the Clysar product line and its continued innovations. We’re pleased to provide a complete portfolio of distinct and innovative films known for the apt tagline, ‘Expect the Best.’

Clysar polyolefin shrink film has earned the following designations:

  • ISO 9001:2008 certified quality
  • FDA/USDA approved packaging
  • FSSC 22000 certified

Shrink Film Apple Juice Case

Start making history of your own. Connect with our SPS packaging specialists for more information about Clysar polyolefin shrink film.

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Our commitment to you

With over 50 years of experience, we’ve been in the packaging industry long enough to know that it takes a steadfast customer commitment to earn confidence and trust in our capabilities and service. That’s why we’ve developed the following four-pronged approach to demonstrate our commitment to your satisfaction.

We promise to:

  • Provide innovation and continuous improvement
  • Improve productivity and uptime with quality technical support
  • Execute flawlessly
  • Deliver our products and services at a competitive cost

Whether you choose us for polyolefin shrink film or other packaging material, you can count on us to deliver on all these promises and more.

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Why choose us for polyolefin shrink film

Consider the following reasons to let us become your polyolefin shrink film distributor:

We have the most experience

When it comes to choosing a polyolefin shrink film distributor, no other company in the country has as much experience and knowledge in the use of polyolefin films. With over 50 years in the industry, we have what it takes to help you produce better packages.

We employ a dedicated and solution-oriented team

Our team of degreed packaging engineers, packaging specialists, graphic designers, and project managers use a collaborative approach to ensure your product meets and exceeds your expectations. We manage the entire process from concept and artwork to prototype and final production.

We focus on cost-efficiency

Our mission is to represent, provide, and support the best available distributor products professionally and cost-effectively. You can trust our team of packaging specialists to protect your bottom line.

We know and use the best equipment

We have in-depth knowledge of polyolefin shrink film equipment, using only the best converters and printers in the industry. A wider choice of equipment and materials helps us optimize package appearance, minimize cost, and maximize efficiency.

We have faster response times

As an independently owned business, we offer faster response times so that you can receive information, quotes, and order details quickly. With a highly responsive team that delivers personalized service, you can expect shorter turnaround times and higher productivity.

We are “The Whole Package”

As a trusted industry partner helping companies produce better packages, we offer a full range of products, services, and support, including systems engineering, equipment solutions, consumables, and life-cycle support.

How to order polyolefin shrink film

We make ordering polyolefin shrink film easy. When you’re ready to place an order, please provide:

  • Number of rolls
  • Film Type
  • Gauge
  • Web Width

For further assistance, contact an SPS packaging specialist to guide you through the process or call 800-944-9689 today.

Not ready to order? Ask us about our sampling program to ensure your polyolefin shrink film will meet your application specifications.

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