Material Optimization

undefinedAt SPS we start with your current package or a concept. From there, we work together to understand your goals.

  • Are you looking for labor efficiency, a different look, material cost reduction?
  • Is your focus on building sustainability, a new shipping method, damage reduction?
  • Do you need  standardization, a custom combination of factors, or a complete ground-up redesign?

Optimization efforts benefit from the trained eye of an SPS Packaging Specialist. We offer an understanding of supply chain operations and the ability to see, and coordinate, across multiple disciplines. Even minor changes can end up saving millions of dollars. SPS can help you harvest these opportunities.

undefinedThe size, design, and material selection of the primary package can impact your case construction and cube geometry. These influence the amount of product that can fit in a trailer or container. Processing, handling, storage, and transportation costs are all connected with Your Package design.

To maximize your supply chain, SPS can work with your marketing department to blend the artistic and utility needs of your design with structural packaging optimization. By deploying our proven SPS packaging engineering principles you can optimize the shipping unit, reduce distribution damage, and ensure consumer  satisfaction.


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