Personalized Support

Every customer is unique, which means that they require and expect different things during their journey.  At SPS we realize when it comes to customer service, nothing can quite replace the personal touch. Our trained customer account coordinators are knowledgeable about a customer’s history and understanding of their specific needs.

 We know you need to be acknowledged, appreciated, cared for, listened to, noticed, and valued.  We take a unified approach to personalization with the following tools:

We Develop In-Depth Customer Profiles

SPS has invested in a well-integrated customer relationship management system. This helps us understand your needs and requirements and allows us to align our resources to better serve you.

We Encourage Flexibility

Not every customer is the same and we don’t want you to feel ‘processed’. We understand how important it is for you to be heard. We listen, interpret, and evaluate before responding.  We always want your experience to be personal, empathetic, and engaging.

We Give Customers Choices

We offer simple and clear choices to our customers.  We want you to have input on the next steps and mutual control over the experience.

We Empower our Teams

Our team is trained and trusted to provide solutions.  Accurate and timely resolutions are the most important factors when it comes to servicing our customers. 

At SPS our primary focus is not targets or metrics, it is people. Our agents are encouraged to focus on the customers first. Our customer account coordinators are excited to help our customers by making them feel valued and understood with our personalized customer experience.

Get to know SPS.  You’ll understand why we are the Whole Package!