VANISH Bio-Assimilation Stretch Film

As a strategic partner helping you produce better packages for over 50 years, we’re continually striving to provide the most innovative packaging solutions that maximize performance, cost-efficiency, and environmental responsibility. To that end, we’re proud to introduce a revolutionary new stretch film that accomplishes all three goals: VANISH Bio-Assimilation Stretch Film. This one-side cling high-performance bio-assimilation cast film is an extraordinary chemical engineering advancement designed to reduce plastic waste by making the used film vanish safely and naturally.

What is VANISH bio-assimilation stretch film?

VANISH is a state-of-the-art stretch film that performs just like a high-performance recyclable film, but with a critical difference: it contains a bio-assimilation additive that allows it to bio-assimilate, or return to its origin, within six to 24 months after it's use. Bio-assimilation is the final stage of degradation, where a material breaks down to its original base components, degrading to a molecular weight that can be consumed by living organisms. This natural process does not require any special conditions, such as oxygen and sunlight, and leaves no microplastics or toxins in its wake.

To learn more about VANISH’s tried, tested, and proven bio-assimilation technology, reach out to our SPS packaging specialists.

How it Works

After using VANISH for your packaging application, recycle the used stretch film, if possible. If recycling facilities are not available, discard used VANISH stretch film.


Here’s what happens next (after 2 year functional lifecycle):

2. The completion of bio-assimilation takes between 6-24 months, depending on the heat, humidity, UV exposure, and presence of microorganisms in the environment.

1. VANISH stretch film initiates the rapid process of 100% natural biodegradation in any environment, including aquatic, terrestrial, or anaerobic landfills.

3. VANISH leaves only biomass, water, and a small amount of carbon behind and becomes a viable food source for microorganisms.

Features & Benefits

VANISH bio-assimilation stretch film comes with many appealing features and benefits that exemplify our commitment to providing quality environmental- and budget-conscious packaging solutions that you can trust.

  • Designed for one-time-use polyolefins like PE and PP
  • Uniquely formulated to maximize performance during its useful life
  • The natural bio-assimilation process does not leave microplastic filament residue or toxins behind
  • Bio-assimilation occurs in any environment within 6-24 months and does not require special conditions
  • Minimal cost differential when compared to conventional stretch film
  • FDA approved
  • ASTM 5526 Certified
  • ASTM 6954 Certified
  • 100% recyclable

Contact our seasoned SPS packaging specialists to discover more about the revolutionary bio-assimilation capabilities of VANISH stretch film.

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VANISH is designed for short service or one-time-use polyolefin stretch films, such as polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP). Food and beverage, agriculture, construction, horticulture, and industrial are just a few of the sectors that may benefit from this cutting-edge eco-friendly technology to:

  • Wrap products
  • Secure loads
  • Reduce product loss
  • Discourage package tampering
  • Reduce worker injury

Is VANISH right for your application? Talk to an SPS packaging specialist to see if it’s a fit.

Product options

We carry VANISH bio-assimilation stretch films in varying widths, lengths, and gauges to accommodate your unique application specifications.

Widths Lengths Strengths
500 mm 9000 ft 47 gauge
16 in 8000 ft 49 gauge
  7250 ft 52 gauge
  6000 ft 55 gauge
  1476 ft 63 gauge
    70 gauge


Reach out to our expert SPS packaging specialists for help selecting your ideal VANISH bio-assimilation stretch film.


Is VANISH recyclable?

Yes, VANISH is 100% recyclable. In fact, recycling is an ideal method for handling used stretch film because it creates a cyclical process, where the film can be reprocessed for its original intended use. However, if you can’t recycle VANISH, its revolutionary bio-assimilation technology allows it to fully degrade, creating a food source for microorganisms.

How long does the bio-assimilation process take?

In ideal conditions with optimal exposure to heat, humidity, UV, and microorganisms, VANISH will degrade in as little as six months. However, without these conditions, VANISH will still break down in any environment within 24 months.

Does the bio-assimilation process leave harmful residue behind?

No. VANISH stretch film is designed to 100% degrade without leaving microplastics or toxins in its wake. It will only leave biomass, water, and a small amount of carbon dioxide (CO2). While CO2 is a greenhouse gas, the bio-assimilation process releases only 10% of the available carbon dioxide as CO2. The remaining 90% becomes a food source for microorganisms, resulting in biomass.

What is the useful lifespan of VANISH?

VANISH contains stabilizers that allow it to have a functional life of two years. Even if it’s stored in a humid warehouse environment, VANISH is designed to retain its performance for the duration of its useful life. When the stabilizers expire, the bio-assimilation process will begin.

Does VANISH cost more than conventional stretch film?

There are material and processing costs to consider when you choose VANISH, but they are minimal. Rest assured that as a value-added partner, we remain true to our commitment to providing high-quality packaging solutions at the lowest price per packaged unit. Contact our SPS packaging specialists to receive a quote for VANISH today.

How does the performance of VANISH compare with other stretch films?

The base formulation of VANISH is comparable to many of the top-performing stretch films on the market, giving it the foundation for quality that you’ve come to expect from the products we carry. The bio-assimilation additive has not been found to reduce the quality or the performance of VANISH.

What are the best uses for VANISH?

You can use VANISH in any application that requires stretch film in industries like food and beverage, agriculture, construction, horticulture, and industrial. This high-performance material delivers the stretch characteristics you need while also providing the peace of mind that it will fully degrade within 6-24 months if you’re unable to recycle it.

How will I know if VANISH is right for my application?

The best way to determine whether VANISH is right for you is to contact our team. Our expert packaging specialists can provide customized solutions tailored to your application requirements and budget.

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