Account Specific CSRs

Customer ServiceAt SPS, one of the keys to customer satisfaction is making sure they interact with a knowledgeable and caring customer service specialist. The success of our business relies on our team, which includes the exceptional service offered by our CAC group to our customers.  Our goal is to always render the best possible customer service.  Personalized service is essential to that goal and to build loyalty and trust. 

At SPS you will have a dedicated customer support specialist who will be your single resource for solving any problem and finding the correct answer to your questions.  

Our CAC team prides itself on:

1. Problem-Solving Skills

Understanding your issues and knowing how to find solution with the resources available at SPS are key to a successful customer experience.  

Problem solving

2. Clear Communication

Providing timely and concise explanations to your problem, as quickly as possible, builds trust between our teams.

3. Friendly Attitude

The ability to stay genuine and show you that you really matter to our business allows us to provide a positive customer interaction.

4. Empathy

Putting ourselves in your shoes and understanding where your frustrations are allow us to build personal relationships with our customers.

5. Product/Service Knowledge

Having a knowledge of how our products and services can work for you allows us to quickly find solutions that are best for your company. 

6. Strong Time Project Management

Setting priorities and working efficiently to accomplish your goals on a daily basis allows us to support the lifecycle of your project. 


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