Bags and Pouches

Dedicated to helping you produce better packages since 1970, we are the premier choice for shrink and poly bags, shrink wrap bags, stand-up pouches, and other bag and pouch solutions. We supply packaging materials for many industries and applications, including medical, food, retail, and industrial. Our partnerships with qualified manufacturers and converters give you access to excellent quality materials and custom closures. Thanks to our experienced art and graphics team, we’ll help you create a design to customize your solution for your unique requirements, elevating your packaging to a new level. When you’re looking for a packaging partner with a large variety, competitive pricing, and a commitment to excellence, choose us for your bag and pouch needs.


Our customizable bags and pouches are designed to meet the specific application requirements of many industries, including:

  • Medical
    When health and safety matter, our specialized bags and pouches are up to the challenge. We are your source for all types of medical packaging solutions, including cleanroom classified bags, amber bags, biohazard specimen bags, and chemotherapy drug transport bags, and retort pouches.


  • Food/Agricultural
    Choose us for the highest quality HACCP bags and pouches for food and agricultural uses, including ice and cold storage bags, sandwich and silverware bags, saddle pack deli bags, bakery bags, and flat-bottom and stand-up pouches for coffee, granola, and other dry goods.


  • Retail/Promotional
    Retailers and promotional organizations love our wide selection of die-cut handle bags, furniture bags, garment bags, header bags with hang holes, merchandise bags, tamper-evident zip-top bags, t-shirt bags, double-sided tape mailers, and much more.


  • Industrial
    Our full-service lineup of industrial bags runs the gamut from pallet covers and top sheets to bin liners and full pallet shrinkable bags. We also carry side and bottom gusseted bags to meet your company’s industrial packaging needs.

Shrink and Poly Bags

We distribute a wide selection of polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC, polypropylene, barrier film, and shrink and poly bags for a wide variety of uses. Most bags are heat sealable and include either a bottom seal or side weld construction.

  • Bottle bags
  • Cleanroom class 100 bags
  • Doorknob bags
  • Foldover and patch die-cut handle bags
  • Full pallet shrinkable bags
  • Furniture bags
  • Gusseted bags
  • Garment bags
  • High-density bags
  • Ice and cold storage bags
  • Jumbo bags
  • Lay flat bags
  • Lip & tape bags
  • Mattress bags
  • Merchandise bags
  • Sandwich & silverware bags
  • Shrink wrap bags
  • Static control bags
  • Suffocation warning bags
  • T-shirt bags
  • Tie & tape closures
  • Wicketed bags

Contact our seasoned SPS packaging specialists today to learn more about our shrink and poly bag solutions for your industry.

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Designed for use with vertical and horizontal filling equipment, our vast array of rollstock products offer a flexible and efficient packaging solution to expedite production and maximize your bottom line.

  • Pre-opened bags on rolls
  • Can liners on coreless rolls
  • Thermal transfer printable rollstock

Reach out to our knowledgeable SPS packaging specialists to discover more rollstock solutions for your unique application.

Zip-top and slider bags

When you need easy opening and closure, go with our zip-top and slider bags. Available in many unique options, including standard, hang hole, bubble zip, and more, our wide selection is sure to meet your reclosable bag needs.

  • Zip-top bags
  • Bubble zip-top bags
  • Cleanroom class 200 zip-top bags
  • Polypropylene zip-top bags with hang hole
  • Slider top bags
  • Specialty zip-top bags (amber, biohazard specimen, chemotherapy drug transport)
  • Static control zip-top bags
  • Tamper-evident zip-top bags
  • White block zip-top bags

Let our seasoned SPS packaging specialists help you select and design zip-top or slider bags for your application. Contact us today.

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Resealable bags

Our 100% virgin low-density polyethylene or polypropylene resealable bags include lip & tape bags with side weld construction, parts bags in four sizes, and saddle pack deli and sandwich bags with a flip-top or zipper.

  • Lip & tape resealable Bags
  • Lip & tape suffocation warning bags
  • Parts bags
  • Saddle pack deli and sandwich bags

Trust our experienced SPS packaging specialists to find the right resealable bags for your needs. Reach out to learn more.

Mailing bags

Our poly mailers are available in non-perforated, perforated, expandable, and returnable options to suit your mailing and shipping needs. We also carry layflat and lip & tape postal-approved bags in hundreds of stock sizes. Our self-adhesive-backed packing list envelopes are sealed on four sides with a split opening.

  • Poly mailers
  • Double-sided tape mailers
  • Postal-approved bags
  • Packing list envelopes

Contact our SPS packaging specialists for more on how we can deliver high-quality mailing bags for your application.

Liners and covers

Our liners are composed of a blend of 100% virgin low and linear low-density polyethylene. They feature a bottom-seal construction and are heat sealable. We also carry standard, black opaque UVI/UVA, or black color UVI/UVA pallet top covers and machine-grade top sheeting for covering the top of a pallet during the stretch-wrapping process.

  • Bin & Gaylord liners
  • Pallet top covers
  • Machine-grade top sheeting.

Contact our SPS packaging specialists to get started with liners and covers designed to meet your application specifications.

Tubing and sleeves

Our tubing solutions include layflat, gusseted, pink anti-stat, black conductive, and cleanroom class 100 layflat. When selecting our sleeves, choose from layflat or gusseted options that can be case-packed or perforated on rolls with a 3” core.

  • Layflat tubing
  • Gusseted tubing
  • Pink anti-stat tubing
  • Black conductive tubing
  • Cleanroom class 100 Layflat tubing
  • Layflat sleeves
  • Gusseted sleeves

Our experienced SPS packaging specialists can guide you through the tubing and sleeve selection process. Reach out to us today.

Paper bags

Our vast selection of bags for your packaging needs includes several types of paper bags, including kraft, merchandise, bakery, or recycled bags.

  • Kraft bags
  • Merchandise bags
  • Bakery bags
  • Recycled bags

If you’re looking for paper bags, contact our SPS packaging specialists to discover more solutions for your application.

Flat bottom and stand-up pouches

Our flat-bottom and custom stand-up pouch packaging is ideal for food items, such as coffee, granola, and other dry goods. We also carry retort pouches for the medical industry and child-resistant pouches in black foil and PET film with a specialized zipper. These specialized solutions deter children from opening the package, making them suitable for toxic or harmful items.

  • Stand-up Pouches
  • Vacuum pouches
  • Retort pouches
  • Child-resistant pouches

Our knowledgeable SPS packaging specialists are standing by to help you select the best flat-bottom or stand-up pouches for your needs. Contact us today.

How to customize your bags and pouches

No matter which bag or pouch packaging solution you choose, we can customize your order to include your logo and message for enhanced brand awareness or package handling instructions. Our talented art and graphics team will work with you to create a design that meets your unique requirements.

Here’s how our bag and pouch customization process works:

  • Supply your logo or artwork in a digital file
  • Our art and graphics team will email you a digital proof
  • Once you approve the design, we will print and ship your items within 2-3 weeks

Contact our SPS design specialists to learn more about how we can customize your bags or pouches.

Why choose us

Whether for bags and pouches, or any other packaging solution, we invite you to consider partnering with us because of the many benefits we offer, including:

  • Expansive product catalog – We have one of the largest selections of bags and pouches, including shrink and poly bags, stand-up pouches, and many other packaging solutions that we can customize just for you.
  • High-quality solutions – We partner with many qualified manufacturers and converters of plastic bags and roll stock, most specializing in custom closures and printing.
  • Most orders ship the same day – Many of our bags and pouches are in stock, allowing us to provide same- or next-day shipping.
  • Customization available – When stock bags and pouches don’t meet your needs, we can work with you to customize the design, closures, and other features to suit your unique specifications.
  • Knowledgeable team – With over 50 years of experience, our seasoned team of SPS packaging specialists is an incredible resource to guide you through the product selection process to ensure your bags and pouches are the right fit.
  • Competitive pricing – We are a value-added partner committed to providing the lowest cost per packaged unit to stay competitive in an ever-changing market.

As an independently owned business, we offer a more comprehensive array of products from industry-leading vendors faster than many competitors. Our team is highly trained to bring you the best packaging solutions for your needs and budget, and we’re dedicated to extending the lowest price per packaged unit.


To learn more about our bags and pouches, reach out to our SPS packaging specialists today.