Blisters & Clamshells

With a dedication to helping you produce better packages since 1970, we offer industry-leading blisters and clamshells to elevate your retail packaging. For over 50 years, we’ve built a reputation for exceptional packaging quality and value that’s second to none. When you choose us, you’ll work with our knowledgeable team dedicated to finding the right packaging solution for your needs. We also partner with highly qualified suppliers, giving you access to top-of-the-line solutions at an affordable price. Whether you’re looking for blisters, clamshells, or both, we have an endless array of options at the lowest cost per packaged unit.

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Blisters feature a clear cavity or pocket made from formable web, often thermoformed plastic. Unlike clamshells, blisters usually have a printed paperboard backing featuring your brand and product information. Most blisters use a heat-sealing method to seal the formed plastic to the paperboard, but many other options are also available.

Blister applications

Most consumer product goods (CPG) industries use blister packaging, but it is also an ideal packaging solution for any industry where product visibility, protection, and volume are essential, such as:

  • School & office
  • Health & beauty
  • Hardware
  • Electronics
  • Sporting goods
  • Home goods
  • Crafts & hobbies
  • Toys

Are blisters right for your application? Contact an SPS packaging specialist to learn more.


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Blister benefits

There are many advantages to choosing blisters to package your goods, including:

  • Versatility
    Blisters are an exceptionally versatile packaging option, providing a high-quality solution for virtually any small consumer good.

  • Product visibility
    The transparency of blisters allows your product to show through, enhancing product visibility and sell-through. A custom printed paperboard backing that includes your logo and product features and benefits also helps to strengthen your company’s branding efforts.

  • Cost-effective
    Thanks to our long-standing partnerships with industry-leading vendors, blisters are an incredibly cost-effective packaging solution that we commit to offering at the lowest price per packaged unit.

  • Tamper-evident properties
    Because blisters make it easy to detect product tampering, blisters provide peace of mind for consumers, knowing that their product is safely sealed.

  • Protection from outside conditions
    Another advantage of using blisters is that they provide good product protection against outside factors, such as humidity and light.

Types of blisters

We offer several types of blister packaging, including:

  • Face seal blisters – Face seal blisters are the most common, featuring a flanged thermoformed blister and a custom paperboard backing secured with a heat-sealing process.

  • Full face seal blisters – Full face seal blisters are like traditional face seal options, but the seal covers the entire front of the package for added durability instead of only a small flange around the formed blister.
  • Mock clamshell blisters – Mock clamshell blisters look like full face seal blisters, except that they include a small flange around the perimeter of the package that mimics a clamshell.

  • Trapped blisters – Trapped blisters are popular among club stores, featuring a thermoformed blister sealed between two paperboard cards, enhancing pilferage resistance and billboard space.

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Clamshells are a blister that folds onto itself without the backing or lidstock. It is usually a thermoformed plastic package, where a hinge or seal connects the two sides. Most clamshells use radiofrequency (RF) or another type of sealing, while others use a tab to seal the package. A variation of a clamshell is a tri-fold package, a one-piece clamshell with a flat base that allows the package to stand on the shelf.

Clamshell applications

Our high-quality clamshells are especially suited for a wide assortment of retail goods in industries, such as:

  • Health & beauty
  • Hardware
  • Electronics
  • Sporting goods
  • Home goods
  • Crafts & hobbies
  • Toys
  • Food

Reach out to our SPS packaging specialists to learn more about our clamshells for a vast array of packaging applications

Clamshell benefits

There are many reasons to love clamshells, including:

  • Enhanced sell-through rate (STR)
    The transparency of clamshell packaging provides greater product visibility than other forms of packaging, increasing product sell-through. A custom printed insert card further differentiates your goods from the competition.
  • Product and pilferage protection
    Clamshells offer the ability to include a custom thermoformed part to hold your items in place, reducing shifting and damage while in transit or storage. Additionally, a clamshell’s RF seal helps to reduce theft and safely seals sensitive items, such as sharp knives.

  • Retail display flexibility
    Whether a retailer requires on-shelf or hang-up packaging, you can customize clamshells with a stand-up design or hang boards to enhance retail display space and product presentation.

  • Same-day shipping available
    We offer a wide variety of stock blisters and clamshells for same-day shipment to accommodate your immediate packaging needs.

  • Cost-effective branding options
    We offer customized insert cards at affordable prices to help promote your brand – without tooling costs or set-up fees.

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Clamshell sealing options

Most clamshells use RF sealing, but there are several other sealing options to consider, depending on your product and protection requirements. We offer:

  • Radiofrequency (RF) seal – Uses electromagnetic energy to heat and bond the clamshell materials together under pressure.
  • Hot/cold seal – Uses thermal energy and pressure to bond clamshell flanges together.
  • Ultrasonic seal – Uses a high-frequency hammering mechanical action on overlapping clamshell surfaces under pressure, creating a seal.
  • Ultra-violet (UV) seal – Uses an adhesive activated by exposure to UV radiation to seal the clamshell’s flanges.
  • Impulse seal – Uses short bursts of energy to heat a sealing bar that fuses the clamshell flanges upon application.

There are many other clamshell sealing options available to accommodate your packaging needs. Contact our SPS packaging specialists to determine with method is right for you.


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Should you choose stock or custom blisters and clamshells?

We offer stock and custom blisters and clamshells, each with a distinct set of advantages and considerations:

Stock blisters and clamshells

  • No tooling fees
  • Low minimums
  • Quick lead times with same-day available
  • Limited size selection
  • Most effective for under 10,000 annual units

Custom blisters and clamshells

  • Custom designed for a one-of-a-kind fit
  • Freedom to include custom features
  • Higher perceived value
  • Cost-effective, but more expensive than stock packaging
  • Requires longer lead times

The choice between stock and custom blisters and clamshells depends on your product volume, protection needs, and branding requirements. Our SPS packaging specialists can help you select the ideal solution for your situation.


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How we’re different

We stand out from our competitors when it comes to offering industry-leading blister and clamshell packaging at the lowest price per packaged unit, but that’s not all we offer.

Choose us because of our:

  • In-depth product knowledge and long-standing expertise allow us to skillfully guide you through the blister and clamshell packaging selection process

  • A wide array of blisters and clamshells is available, including both in-stock and custom options to accommodate your specific packaging and branding needs

  • Commitment to offering eco-friendly and sustainable blister and clamshell package designs to help you meet your corporate responsibility goals

  • Partnerships with industry-leading and qualified suppliers that you can trust to deliver high-quality packaging solutions without compromise

  • A thoughtful approach to blister and clamshell packaging selection, beginning with a thorough review of your product line to help us identify the best solutions for you


Contact our SPS packaging specialists to learn more about our superior approach to offering high-quality blisters and clamshells for less.

5 Reasons to work with us

Whether you’re considering us for blisters, clamshells, or another packaging solution, we’d love the opportunity to become your packaging partner. Here are five reasons to work with us:

  1. Wide selection to choose from – Thanks to our 50+ year history building relationships with industry-leading suppliers, we have one of the largest selections of in-stock and custom blisters and clamshells in varying designs, sealing options, and more.

  2. Reliable network of suppliers – We only partner with high-quality blister and clamshell suppliers that have demonstrated their commitment to providing exceptional products, on-time delivery, and innovative solutions.

  3. Large in-stock selection – If you need blisters or clamshells fast, we stock several options in-house with many options available for same- or next-day shipping.

  4. Expert team – Our packaging specialists are experts in our field, with each brimming with knowledge and expertise in the various packaging solutions available at the best price.

  5. Best pricing – Since our inception in 1970, we’ve remained committed to staying competitive in an ever-changing market, which is why we promise to deliver excellent quality packaging solutions at the lowest cost per packaged unit.

As an independently owned packaging provider for over 50 years, we know what it takes to become an industry leader. It takes high-quality solutions from industry-leading vendors, an experienced team committed to excellence, and a promise to extend budget-conscious pricing. We invite you to partner with us to discover the difference that our value-added approach can make for you.


To learn more about our blisters and clamshells, reach out to our SPS packaging specialists today.


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