Lidding Films

As a Safe Quality Food (SQF) Certified Supplier, we are an industry-leading packaging distributor offering high-quality monolayer and multilayer lidding films for meat, poultry, fish, seafood, and ready-made meals. Compatible with a vast array of food trays, including PP, CPET, and PET, our high-quality lidding films help extend your product’s shelf life and enhance the visual presentation. Providing the best in packaging and supply chain technology since 1970, count on us for innovative packaging solutions at the lowest cost per packaged unit.

Lidding film applications

Our lidding films are available in various types of extruded polyester structures and transparent multilayer laminate films for fresh and prepared foods, such as:

  • Meat
  • Poultry
  • Fish
  • Seafood
  • Ready-made meals

To learn more about applications for our lidding films, reach out to an SPS packaging specialist.

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Types of lidding films

We offer various types of lidding films to accommodate your specific application, including weld seal monolayer and peelable multilayer laminate. Our strong partnerships with many industry-leading vendors give you full access to a vast array of lidding options instead of tying you to just one product line. With advanced specialized knowledge and expertise under our belts, we help you select the best product for your unique application.

Weld seal monolayer lidding films

Weld seal monolayer lidding films are extruded polyester structures, shrinking inside the tray as opposed to non-shrinking laminate. These lidding films feature a high-oxygen barrier and are weld sealed to rPET or APET food trays, as its name connotes. Available with a peelable seal, weld seal monolayer lidding films offer exceptional transparency and anti-fogging properties for optimal freshness and appealing presentation. When used with a PET food tray, this lidding film solution is designed for the PET recycling stream, making it an environmentally conscious packaging solution.

  • Extruded polyester material
  • Single-layer
  • Anti-fog properties
  • High-oxygen barrier
  • Extends shelf life
  • Exceptional transparency
  • Peelable seal available

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Peelable multilayer laminate lidding films

High-quality peelable multilayer laminate lidding films are suitable for ambient, chilled, or frozen tray lidding applications. Designed to withstand the high temperatures used in retort sterilization, multilayer lidding films help extend the shelf life of ambient products, including ready meals and single-serve fruit containers. They feature water-vapor and high-oxygen barrier properties and seal to PP and PP lacquered foil trays, delivering a strong, smooth, hot-and-cold peel. Print capabilities provide enhanced branding opportunities and product presentation, giving these monolayer lidding films a unique advantage.

  • Laminate material
  • Multiple layers
  • Use for ambient, chilled, or frozen applications
  • Extends shelf life
  • Water-vapor and high-oxygen barrier
  • Strong and smooth hot-and-cold peel
  • Print capabilities

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Which lidding film is right for you?

Before recommending the best lidding film for you, our SPS packaging specialists will work to thoroughly understand your application, needs, and budget. They’ll cover a variety of project variables, such as:

  • Type of product – e.g., fresh meat, ready-made meals, etc.
  • Desired type of lidding – e.g., Standard, vacuum skin packaging (VSP), etc.
  • Desired type of seal – e.g., standard peelable seal, hot-and-cold seal, etc.
  • Desired shelf life
  • Desired lidding print, if any
  • Desired food tray – e.g., PP, CPET, Alufoil, APET, PET, etc.

Armed with this and other specifications of your application, we’ll tap into our vast vendor partnerships to pinpoint the precise solution for your needs – at the lowest cost per packaged unit.

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5 Advantages of our lidding films

No matter which type of lidding film you need, we’re committed to providing a broader choice of materials to enhance product presentation, minimize costs, and maximize efficiency. The following are just a few of the advantages of choosing us as your lidding films partner:

  1. We have an extensive selection of both USA-made monolayer and multilayer lidding films available to enhance product presentation and extend shelf life.
  2. Instead of being tied to one vendor’s product line, we represent the industry-leading suppliers, giving you access to a broader inventory of the best available products.
  3. We are committed to offering lidding films and other packaging materials at the lowest cost per packaged unit to remain competitive in an evolving market.
  4. We offer several lidding film customizations to meet your specifications, including easy-peel material, cooking films with self vents, vacuum-seal packaging, PMS color matching, print capabilities, and various lidding thicknesses and sizes.
  5. Our team of knowledgeable packaging industry experts has faster response times to optimize your efficiency levels.

A promise to you

With five decades of experience, we’ve been honored to give you access to the best available distributor packaging products with professionalism and cost-effectiveness. It is with great pride that we deliver on this promise by dedicating ourselves to:

  • Providing innovative and affordable packaging solutions
  • Continually improving to stand above the rest
  • Executing flawlessly in everything we do


From lidding films and food trays to many other packaging solutions, rely on us to deliver the best lidding product at the best value. Contact an SPS packaging specialist to get started.


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Lidding films FAQ

What types of lidding films do you offer?

We represent industry-leading vendors to give you a wide selection of weld seal monolayer and multilayer laminate lidding films in various thicknesses and sizes at the lowest cost per packaged unit. From meat, poultry, fish, seafood, and ready-made meals, our SPS packaging specialists can help you determine which lidding film is best for your application.

What is the difference between monolayer and multilayer lidding films?

Weld seal monolayer lidding films are a single-layer extruded polyester material. They boast anti-fog properties and a high-oxygen barrier to help extend shelf life. They’re known for exceptional transparency, helping to accentuate your product’s presentation.

Multilayer laminate lidding films feature multiple layers for added thickness. You can use them in ambient, chilled, or frozen applications. It offers a water-vapor and high-oxygen barrier to extend shelf life. Its strong and smooth hot-and-cold peel properties and print capabilities make multilayer laminate lidding films a premier choice for many food packaging applications.


What customization options are available?

You can customize many of our lidding films to satisfy your unique application requirements, including easy-peel material, self-vents for cooking, vacuum-seal packaging, PMS color matching, print capabilities, and more.

How much do lidding films cost?

Because every project and application is unique, we’ll need to know more about your needs before providing a quote, including the product and desired shelf life. However, you can be rest assured of our commitment to offering cost-effective packaging solutions. As a value-added partner, we promise to make high-quality lidding films available to you at the lowest cost per packaging unit. Contact an SPS packaging specialist to begin the quoting process.

What does an SQF Certified Supplier mean?

Our designation as a Safe Quality Food (SQF) Certified Supplier means that we have passed the rigorous food safety and quality program requirements set by the Safe Quality Food (SQF) Institute. Globally recognized by retailers, brand owners, and foodservice providers, SQF’s stringent codes are designed to meet industry, customer, and regulatory requirements for all food chain sectors.

Trust your packaging to us

Since 1970, we’ve delivered high-quality and value-added packaging solutions designed to enhance your product’s presentation and shelf life while going easy on your bottom line. We’re an industry leader dedicated to delivering a comprehensive packaging solution. We’re “The Whole Package.”

  • SQF Certified Provider
  • Lowest cost per packaged unit
  • Highly knowledgeable and experienced SPS packaging specialists
  • Faster response times
  • Largest selection of materials and options

To learn more about us and our lidding films, reach out to our SPS packaging specialists and trust your packaging to us.

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