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Continuous ImprovementOne of the ways SPS Corporation has stayed ahead of our competition is through the creation of a corporate culture supporting continuous improvement.  We are always looking at new ways to service our customers  and be more efficient. 

Continuous improvement is the process of making incremental changes to improve our company.  These are not drastic overhauls but the small details that give our company a competitive edge. We encourage our employees to make suggestions as to what these small changes should be.

Our continuous improvement culture starts with a top-down approach.

1. Our Leadership Gets Involved

Support and encouragement from our leadership team is the principal reason for the success of our continuous improvement initiative. Employees understand that new improvements are important to the company and make for a happier work environment. Our employees are dedicated and productive contributors.

2. We Focus Small - Kaizen Team Approach

Our success starts with smaller-scale pilot projects that benefit the entire organization. Through our Kaizen Team Approach, SPS focuses on gradually improving productivity by involving all employees and by making the work environment more efficient. We track the execution and the benefits of the improvements. The data and lessons learned from these early programs then lead to larger initiatives.

3. Encouraging Participation Importance

Our employees are our most cherished resource. We solicit ideas and encourage sharing by rewarding and recognizing them accordingly. We demonstrate the importance of making improvements. Even if an idea doesn't fit, we provide employees feedback on anything they submit as it is vital to sustaining the process of continuous improvement.

4. Showing the Difference

Small, incremental changes can be easily processed by our employees and become part of their daily routine.  A series of small changes can add up to significant improvements on how our organization functions and how it better serves you, our customer. This is demonstrated through improved customer retention, satisfaction, and mutual growth.

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