Cost / Source Reduction

In today’s competitive marketplace, manufacturers are under increasing pressure to satisfy varied demands. These range from lowering costs and improving performance to enhancing environmental sustainability.

The material that a manufacturer chooses to use in its packages can affect its ability to remain competitive. Material advances, equipment technology, transportation efficiency, and other positive trends have spurred creative turnkey packaging solutions matched to the needs of modern producers.

SPS was founded on the premise that companies, large and small, would benefit from the technical capabilities of their packaging vendors in choosing the correct materials, system designs and automation to manufacture their products. To support this technical sales approach, SPS has focused on hiring packaging and mechanical engineers from the best universities across the nation.

SPS will work closely with you to identify the best packaging material and provide prototype development for marketing and consumer testing. We offer value added consulting services designed to boost the speed, efficiency, and effectiveness of your packaging operations. These services include our Design & Innovation Think-tank which evaluate product logistics, load containment, sustainability, and marketing.

It’s the skill and determination of our people who make these services a rewarding experience for our customers. Their expertise and creativity get results and inspire confidence. Their gift for open and honest communication lead to long-term business relationships. At SPS you’ll find a genuine empathy and passion that reflect our core values. Call us today and learn more about our design services.

Although our shared goals are ultimately the same, cost and source reduction mean different things to different people. Some common practices contributing to environmental consciousness and efficient use of resources include:

Reducing Materials Used in Manufacture and Packaging – Cost and source reduction efforts such as reducing fiberboard, plastic materials, and non-value added packaging limit net materials consumption.

Package redesigns, increased materials efficiency. New machine technology impacts the bottom line. For example, flexible packaging weighs less than rigid which reduces warehousing and transportation costs and promotes landfill avoidance.

Repurpose and Prolong Life of Goods – Another design goal for your package is maximizing its useful life. Providing functional or continuous lifespan packaging is one way to reduce waste. Package designers make a difference using similar strategies and by designing durable containers suited to multiple uses. Unique branded package designs allow you to stand out from competitors and increase consumer retention.

Limit Use of Damaging Substances – In addition to measuring the type and quantity of material used for packaging, manufacturers must consider the type of substances and processes utilized in production. Reducing toxicity throughout the supply chain, from cradle to grave, is key. This is particularly true within the food industry where packaging materials impact shelf-life and healthy consumption.

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