Design, Improve and Maintain

Packaging Equipment DiagramMaintaining profitability is close to impossible without a dedicated partner to support your packaging operations.  Since 1970 SPS has focused on bringing the most appropriate technology in packaging equipment, and materials to our partners. We support that effort with the highest-quality Engineering, Customer,  and Technical services.  

Listening is where our process starts. Evaluating options and providing sound design recommendations is our strength. Our packaging specialists and engineering teams have access to the best equipment and materials available in Packaging. We fit a solution to your product, not the other way around. We then integrate these solutions to produce your packages in the most cost-effective manner.   

Packaging EquipmentOnce initiated, our solutions are executed by our outstanding Technical Service Team. They become the backbone of making sure that our vision is executed properly.  By combining our offerings with preventative maintenance programs, retrofits and upgrades, training, and emergency service we make sure that we keep your lines running efficiently, creating "The Whole Package".

Ensuring continued success requires a partner that stays abreast of the latest in material and equipment technology.  We actively search for new ways to make you more productive.  We pull our team of experts together and see how we can develop a solution to make your solution more competitive and efficient.

Your business is important to us.  We are focused on providing the most up-to-date materials and equipment to meet your needs.  At SPS, we look forward to earning or keeping our place as a valued supplier to your company.

Get to know SPS.  You’ll understand why we are the Whole Package!