Case Packing

Whether manual or automatic, case packing is an application-driven process based on the type of item being packed, case style, the packing configuration, desired speeds, available space, and budget limitations. Finding the best case packing solution requires an analysis of the product, the package, and a company’s current and future needs.

For automatic case packers you traditionally have a choice of top load, side load, or robotic. These case packers can be expensive solutions requiring the right set of production requirements to justify the return on investment.  Many customers opt for semi-automatic pack stations where a case erector, product conveyor, and case sealer are all integrated on one platform to bring the product and packaging materials together.

To make the right decision on what case packing method is right for your company, set-up an appointment with an SPS Packaging Specialist today to discuss your application.  We look forward to working with you!

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