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A transaction with SPS is experiential. You don’t just purchase a piece of equipment or a roller of material. Rather, you get a partner interested in learning your business and understanding your applications to deliver better solutions for your operations. We want our customers to know, with SPS, that they get The Whole Package.

Get to know SPS and you’ll see the value we provide. We utilize an iterative process where we come up with value-add ideas with you. That means we are the company that can do a lot more for you. You will get a highly personalized, one-to-one, or team-to-team, service and a partner that understands your business. It also means you get a provider that backs its high-end equipment, materials, and technical service offerings with a highly dedicated, experienced team.

At SPS we are committed to helping our customers achieve enhanced productivity, increased profits, and maximum uptime.

Our SPS Packaging Specialists start by identifying your needs.  We then begin to develop packaging solutions that meet those goals.  We conform to the technical specifications of manufacturing, making sure that our solutions are capable of withstanding the rigors of modern distribution and handling.  

By studying and researching the way your products flow from the point of manufacturing to point of display, our Packaging Specialists will help create a functional and appealing packaging design. Our  Specialists aren't simply artists, they also assist in the development and manufacturing of the packaging.

Our goal is to keep packaging costs as low as possible while delivering the highest quality packaging product.


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Get to know SPS.  You’ll understand why we are the Whole Package!

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