Stretch Films

Stretch film is an essential consideration in any manufacturing process. It plays a vital role in safely containing, storing, and transporting products throughout the distribution chain. Whether used to contain or protect loads, our stretch films boasts the quality and performance required to ship goods effectively at the lowest cost per packaged unit. This commitment to quality, throughput, and cost-effectiveness gives us a competitive edge and has contributed to our success for over 50 years.

Industrial Stretch Film

Stretch film industries and applications

Primarily used for containing loads during distribution or storage, stretch film protects products on the journey from your facility to the point of sale. Some of the most notable industries and applications include:

  • Pallet loads of boxes for CPG manufacturers and fulfillment facilities
  • Pallet-stacked produce for farms and other agricultural producers
  • Food processors
  • Building materials for the housing industry
  • Bakery items for bakers and grocers
  • Plants and other greenery for the horticultural industry
  • Interior packaging to contain heavy parts for industrial applications

Industrial Stretch Wrap Lantech S300 Containment

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Stretch film products

We’ve partnered with the largest domestic stretch film manufacturers that use the most sophisticated and state-of-the-art extrusion equipment to deliver superior quality films. Our wide selection of stretch film products in clear, color tinted, or printed formats for wrapping applications include:

  • Hand stretch film – Choose hand-grade cast or blown stretch film for unitizing pallet loads or wrapping smaller items together.
  • Extended core stretch film – With a built-in handle for easy application, extended core stretch film does not require a separate dispenser, handle, or machine.
  • Standard machine stretch film – Designed for use with a stretch film machine, this durable and robust option is appropriate for many machine applications.
  • High-performance machine stretch film – This highly stretchable machine stretch film features enhanced performance especially suited for heavy-duty applications or where downgauging is an important consideration.

Stretch Film Rolls

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Stretch film features and options

With several widths and a 35-120-gauge range, including standard, multi-resin premium thin gauge, and heavy-duty blown, our stretch film product line offers a range of features and options to fit your application, including:

  • Clear, color tinted, or printed
  • Vented
  • Pre-stretched
  • Puncture-resistant
  • Orbital
  • UV-inhibited

Clear stretch film is one type of film we carry

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Advantages of our stretch film

Our stretch film process is different than the rest. The following are just a few of the distinct benefits you can expect:

  1. More effective shipments – We focus on lowering your cost per load by identifying the most effective gauge and amount of stretch film for your unique application requirements.
  2. Unsurpassed quality – Our stretch film manufacturing partners use the most sophisticated and state-of-the-art extrusion equipment to provide the superior quality you expect.
  3. No supply shortages – Made domestically, our stretch film is readily available without shortages, delays, or other supply reliability challenges of internationally-sourced films.
  4. Wider selection – Our hand, extended core, and regular and high-performance machine stretch film products are available in many gauges, widths, and options, including clear, color tinted, or printed formats.
  5. Use measurement and monitoring program – Thanks to our comprehensive Load Guardian® measurement and monitoring program, you’ll receive a detailed report and corrective actions to optimize your company’s stretch film usage.

Colored Stretch Films

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Load Guardian stretch film program

The Load Guardian program is an automated tool we offer to measure and monitor your stretch film use.

It looks at three vital metrics for determining the effectiveness of each wrapped load:

  1. Containment
  2. Revolutions (cycle time)
  3. Film weight

These metrics can help optimize the machine settings to ensure your process remains within expected standards. As part of the Load Guardian program, we will provide a detailed report with a corrective action plan for optimizing your stretch wrapping operations. Whether you’re wrapping 20 loads per day or 30 per hour, this comprehensive program will assess your loads and distribution environment and recommend the best film and gauge for maximum throughput.

With Load Guardian, you can:

  • Optimize stretch film machine settings
  • Maximize your company’s throughput
  • Prevent material waste and save costs
  • Protect and contain products effectively
  • Increase your wrapping operation’s productivity


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We’re committed to you

As veterans in the packaging industry with over 50 years of experience, we’re steadfastly committed to cultivating a company culture that puts your satisfaction above all else. This exceptional level of dedication is reflected in a promise to our customers to:

  • Provide innovation and continuous improvement
  • Improve productivity and uptime with quality technical support
  • Execute flawlessly
  • Deliver our products and services at a competitive cost

Whether we earn your business for stretch film or other packaging material, we commit to following through on these promises and delivering even more.

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Why choose us for stretch film

Not all stretch film distributors are created equal. The following are just some of the reasons to trust us to meet your stretch film needs:

We have over 50 years of experience

Founded by packaging engineers in 1970, we have a long history of helping companies build better packages. You’ll be hard-pressed to find any other distributor with as much experience and dedication to quality, service, and knowledge that can take your packaging operations to new heights.

Our partners use the most sophisticated extrusion equipment

With manufacturing partners that use the most sophisticated and state-of-the-art extrusion equipment, you can count on unsurpassed stretch film quality that rivals any competitor in the market. When throughput and quality count, count on our high-quality solutions to deliver.

Our team is dedicated and solution-oriented

Comprised of degreed packaging engineers, packaging specialists, graphic designers, and plant managers, our team members work together to ensure your stretch film meets your application requirements. We expertly oversee every step of the stretch film process, from concept and artwork to prototype and final production.

We focus on optimizing cost and throughput

With the help of our Load Guardian program, we’ll help you optimize both the cost and performance of your stretch film, helping to protect your bottom line and enhance throughput. With a mission to become your value-added partner, no other company can deliver the same level of dedication to your success. 

 We have fast response, and turnaround, times

Because we’re independently owned, we respond quickly and often have shorter turnarounds than other companies in the industry. With a highly responsive team and shortened order wait times, you can put your stretch film to use faster than you might expect.

We are “The Whole Package”

As a trusted industry partner helping companies produce better packages, we offer a full range of products, services, and support, including systems engineering, equipment solutions, consumables, and life-cycle support.

Stretch film wrapped around pallets of bricks

Not all stretch film distributors are created equal. The following are just some of the reasons to trust us to meet your stretch film needs:

Order stretch film today

Stretch film is an integral part of optimizing your packaging operation. With our unmatched expertise and exceptionally high-quality materials, we can help your company streamline your costs and maximize throughput.

To learn more about stretch film and how to place an order, contact an SPS packaging specialist to guide you through the process, or call 800-944-9689 today.

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