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Since 1970, we’ve been pioneering high-quality and cost-effective packaging solutions, including efficient and flexible shrink and stretch bundling films. Whether used for unitizing or securing products during distribution, our bundling film solutions pack a punch for the environment and your bottom line. In addition, we work with industry-leading vendors on custom formulations and printing methods to deliver economical options that eliminate corrugate and paperboard materials, helping to bundle your product at a lower cost with a smaller carbon footprint.

We are a Safe Quality Food (SQF) certified supplier offering FDA- and USPS-approved bundling films in gauges ranging from .5 to 10 mil in clear, tinted, or full-printed options. If you’re looking for a trusted partner dedicated to providing a vast selection, competitive pricing, and excellent service, we are your source for shrink bundling films designed for your unique packaging requirements.


Our bundling films are versatile enough to meet the demands of virtually any bundling application, including:

  • Beverages
  • Food, including cold storage and frozen products
  • Beauty and personal care
  • Pharmaceuticals and medical devices
  • Electronics

No matter your application, choose our high-performance shrink bundling film for your specialized packaging needs. Contact our SPS packaging specialists to learn more.

Traditional bundling film

Designed especially for bullseye applications, our lineup of traditional bundling film is ideal for single roll, continuous motion, and two roll machines. These high-performance solutions feature high gloss and clarity and help to eliminate bulky corrugate trays that elevate cost and reduce sustainability.

  • Excellent holding power
  • Does not give during handling
  • Low TD shrink
  • Great machinability on one or two roll wrappers
  • Barcode and label readability
  • Superior package stability
  • Best in class clarity and gloss

Let our veteran SPS packaging specialists help you select traditional bundling stretch film for your application. Contact us today.

Performance bundling film

When you need durable bundling stretch film that combines toughness and value, choose our performance solutions. These robust bundling films are designed for high-speed applications and feature excellent shrink properties for any heavy-duty packaging application.

  • Tough and durable
  • Great heat seal characteristics
  • Excellent machinability
  • Effective on abusive, low-profile applications

Contact our SPS packaging specialists to learn more about performance bundling stretch film for your application.

Cold storage/freezer bundling film

Do you have a cold storage application? Not just any bundling film will do. We offer films with specialized additives to ensure our low-density polyethylene bundling film can withstand cold and freezing temperatures. Let us deliver the toughness and value you expect from packaging pros like us.

  • Low coefficient of friction (COF)
  • Great heat seal properties
  • Pairs toughness with value for high-speed case wraps
  • Effective on abusive, low-profile applications
  • Use with single and dual roll machines

If you’re looking for bundling films for cold storage or freezer applications, contact our SPS packaging specialists to learn more.

Clarity bundling stretch film

Are you looking for excellent clarity for retail packs? Let your product shine through with our line of clarity bundling stretch films. These ultra-clear solutions are engineered for maximum clarity, gloss, and strength, even at low gauges.

  • Co-extruded polyethylene shrink bundling film
  • Superior clarity for retail packs
  • Maintains shape during shipping and handling
  • Compatible with two roll bundling systems

Trust our experienced SPS packaging specialists to provide the best clarity solution for your retail packaging needs. Reach out to learn more about clarity bundling films.

Light-gauge bundling stretch film

If you need an excellent down-gauge film that doesn’t sacrifice performance, go for our light-gauge lineup of bundling stretch films. The ideal choice for slimming down your tray packs without sacrificing package integrity, this precision solution often allows for 15-30% film reduction on supported tray packs.

  • Promotes sustainability through reduced material usage
  • Saves money by helping you pack more cases per pound of film
  • Improves efficiency with fewer roll changeovers
  • High machinability, performing well on high-speed wrappers

Our knowledgeable SPS packaging specialists are here to help you select the ideal light-gauge polyethylene shrink bundling film. Contact us today.

Printed bundling stretch film

Thanks to advanced printing technologies, we can create impactful flexographic printing for an eye-catching look for promoting your brand. You can supply your own design or work with our talented design team to create a branded design that’s as unique as your product.

  • Conventional CMYK and line color printing using Pantone or custom colors
  • Up to 10 color flexographic printing
  • Surface, reverse, or trap printed
  • High resolution up to 150 LPI
  • Superior optics with high clarity and gloss
  • Targeted coefficient of friction (COF) to reduce film stickiness to equipment

Contact our SPS packaging specialists to get started with printed shrink bundling wrap to represent your company’s brand.

10 Reasons to choose our bundling stretch film

  1. We offer a vast selection We distribute one of the widest selections of bundling stretch film from industry-leading vendors, including traditional, high-performance, cold storage or freezer, high clarity, light-gauge, tinted, and printed options.

  2. We provide equipment interfacing and field support – We ensure your bundling stretch film interfaces with your equipment properly and offer field support to reduce headaches and improve efficiency.

  3. We carry heavy-duty solutions – Whether you’re securing product for distribution or unitizing items for retail, our shrink bundling films are designed to accommodate any product, including heavyweight items, such as cases of waters, sodas, and cans.

  4. We help you embrace sustainability – Our bundling films require up to 75% less material than similar corrugated packaging methods, yielding less landfill waste and a smaller carbon footprint. We can also incorporate recycled plastic into your shrink bundle films, amplifying your earth-friendly quotient.

  5. We help you brand your products – Our high-impact and high-resolution flexographic printing capabilities include surface, reverse, or trap printed techniques to provide striking films that advertise your product and maximize brand exposure.

  6. We protect what matters – Beyond providing strength, durability, clarity, and environmental friendliness, our bundling stretch films also offer protection from dust, water, and other contaminants to keep your products safe.

  7. We are certified and approvedWe are a proud SQF certified supplier of shrink bundling films offering FDA- and USPS-approved solutions you can rely on for safety and convenience.

  8. We help you make it your own – Our vast capabilities extend beyond carrying stock high-performance products. We can also customize your shrink bundling films to accommodate your application, from anti-static properties for electronics to virgin resins for pharmaceutical products or medical devices. 

  9. We have seasoned experts at the ready – We have an incredible team of knowledgeable SPS packaging specialists available to assist you with product selection so that your shrink bundling films are precisely what you need.

  10. We have competitive prices – In an ever-changing market, you can count on our continued commitment to offering the lowest cost per packaged unit. We are your value value-added partner with competitive pricing designed to protect your bottom line.


Looking for more reasons to choose us? Contact our SPS packaging specialists to discover the difference industry leadership can make.

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