Case Erecting & Sealing

Case erecting and sealing machines are integral to any efficient production operation, reducing labor overhead, and preventing repetitive motion injuries.

Carton erecting machinery will pull an individual box from a stack of blanks and form the box through the use of suction cups and mechanical arms.  The unit will then discharge the carton for packing usually with the bottom of the carton taped and secured. 

Carton sealing machines apply pressure-sensitive tape to the bottom and/or top of a cardboard box securely sealing the contents within.  Carton erectors and sealers are very simple to use.  They can be set up by an operator in just a few minutes.

The case erecting and sealing machines can usually be adjusted, either manually or automatically depending on the machine, to fit boxes of different dimensions. The choice of your units will depend on the speed of the application and the size of the boxes.  Both come in semi automatic, which require an operator, and automatic, which does not require. However, an operator is more beneficial for higher volume operations

Manual and automatic pack stations can also be integrated into these lines to facilitate product packing.

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