SPS Corporation is a leading supplier of strapping equipment and systems including basic semi-automatic tabletop machines, through high-speed arch style, fully automatic bundling strappers, and pallet strapping systems.  Our sales engineers and technicians can integrate these units into new or existing production lines to maximize productivity for a variety of applications, including baling, bundling, carton closure, and unitizing.  Here is a sample of some of the industry we support and service:

  • Brick and Concrete Pavers
  • Building Products
  • Corrugated Sheets and Boxes
  • Dairy / Meat / Poultry / Seafood
  • Direct Fulfillment
  • Glass and Plastic Containers
  • Paper and Pulp
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Pick-n-Pack
  • Warehouse and Palletizing
  • Windows and Doors

SPS understands that every process is different and must be approached with its own set of solutions. When you buy an SPS strapping solution you will get the benefit of years of experience fulfilling identical or similar needs.   Our goal is to protect your product, increase your efficiency, and make you more competitive in an ever-changing environment.

All strapping systems sold by SPS are serviced by our team of qualified field technicians.  Still not sure whether an SPS Strapping Solution is right for you?  Call an SPS Packaging Specialist today to review your application.  We look forward to sharing our extensive strapping experience with you.

Get to know SPS.  You’ll understand why we are the Whole Package!