Labeling allows customers to display information  about a product on its container,  packaging, or the product itself. For several types of consumer and industrial products,  the type and extent of information that must be printed on the label are governed by relevant safety and shipping laws.

SPS Corporation represents a complete spectrum of pressure-sensitive labeling equipment for the pharmaceutical, food, beverage, and other consumer product industries.  Our labelers are known for their consistent quality and performance in both clean and harsh production environments.

We engineer complete turnkey, automatic labelers with integrated material handling systems.   We also offer stand-alone, semi-automatic labelers that can be used on multiple lines because of their modular design.  SPS stands behind our labelers with outstanding technical service, parts, and consumables. 

We have a labeling solution for every application and look forward to working with you on your new or existing application. Give an SPS Sales Specialist a call today!

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