Dunnage Bags & Void Fill

Established in 1970, we have been going strong as an industry-leading packaging partner for over 50 years. Our steady commitment to providing exceptional solutions from qualified vendors at the best price has never wavered, giving us a competitive advantage that can enhance your bottom line. Whether you’re looking for dunnage packaging or void fill, look to our expert team to guide you through the product selection process to ensure you receive the ideal solution for your unique packaging application at the lowest price per packaged unit.

Dunnage bags

Dunnage bags are a convenient packaging solution for protecting your goods from damage while in transit. Our high-quality dunnage packaging is durable enough to withstand heavy pressure, often constructed of a polyethylene inner layer, an elastic poly woven outer layer, and an inflating and deflating valve. In addition, these dunnage packaging solutions feature load stabilizing properties that resist load shifting, helping to keep your cargo safe.

Dunnage bag applications

Our array of dunnage packaging is an ideal cargo securement packaging solution for all modes of transportation, including:

  • Truck
  • Ocean container
  • Railcar transportation

No matter how you’re transporting your goods, our dunnage bags can help keep them safe. Contact an SPS packaging specialist to learn more.


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Features & benefits of dunnage bags

Our vast selection of dunnage packaging includes many desirable features and benefits, such as:

  • Performs in wet or dry conditions
  • Quick to inflate and deflate
  • Reusable and 100% recyclable
  • Secures and controls product movement
  • Reduces or eliminates cargo damage
  • Safe and cost-effective
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Flexible dunnage packaging solution for filling variable voids
  • Satisfies road, ocean, and railroad container regulations, including AAR, PPPPD, MOT, and DOT

Types of dunnage bags

We carry a vast selection of high-quality dunnage packaging, including:

Standard dunnage bags
Standard dunnage bags inflate to a pillow shape and are designed for filling voids up to 12” wide. Our standard dunnage packaging selection is available in various dimensions and levels up to Level 5 and includes many AAR verified options.

  • Pillow shape
  • Fills voids up to 12”
  • Up to level 5
  • Includes AAR verified options

Square dunnage bags
Square dunnage bags inflate to a square shape and help brace products with void spaces larger than 12” wide, making them an excellent alternative when standard dunnage packaging is insufficient. Square dunnage bags are also available in several AAR verified options, with many featuring a moisture-resistant material and a durable outer shell.

  • Square shape
  • Fills voids larger than 12”
  • Includes AAR verified options

Hanger dunnage bags
Hanger dunnage bags are designed for tall and narrow voids and feature a hanger pole to position the dunnage bags safely without requiring lift cages and ladders. A valve conveniently placed on the bag’s edge provides easy access to the air supply. Choose from a variety of sizes to accommodate your cargo protection needs.

  • Accommodates tall and narrow voids
  • Lift cages and ladders not required
  • Easy access to air supply
  • Variety of sizes available

Over the Road (OTR) dunnage bags
Our OTR dunnage packaging is designed for all truck transportation with lightweight cargo. These dunnage bag solutions help secure your load in place, providing a flexible and reusable packaging option. We carry a variety of sizes to accommodate your OTR application.

  • Designed for OTR applications
  • Flexible and reusable
  • Variety of sizes available

Dunnage packaging accessories

We also offer many dunnage bag accessories, including air tools and inflator kits, making us your one-stop shop for everything dunnage.


Reach out to an SPS packaging specialist for help selecting the best dunnage packaging or accessories for your application.

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Void Fill

Void fill is a protective packaging solution designed to protect your goods from damage in transit. We’re pleased to carry a robust lineup for many fulfillment applications while minimizing added package bulk to help keep your shipping costs low. In addition, many solutions are designed with environmental responsibility in mind, giving you access to the latest sustainable technologies that you can feel good about.

Void fill applications

Choose our selection of void fill for a variety of packaging applications, including:

  • Mail order fulfillment
  • Ecommerce fulfillment
  • Pharmaceutical fulfillment
  • Third-party logistics
  • Contract packaging and fulfillment

Reach out to our SPS packaging specialists to learn more about void fill solutions for your unique application.

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Void fill benefits

When you’re looking for void fill that goes the extra mile, our benefit-rich solutions can help:

  • Protect your goods from damage – Our industry-leading vendor partners give you access to the highest quality void fill solutions designed to protect your items, so they arrive safely.

  • Keep shipping costs down – With many lightweight void fill solutions available, you can minimize shipping costs while protecting your goods from damage.

  • Take it easy on the environment – With many sustainable options to choose from, such as recyclable, recycled, compostable, and biodegradable, we can help you select the best void fill solutions with the smallest environmental impact.

  • Save storage space – Especially when combined with our void fill equipment that allows you to create void fill on-demand, our void fill options can reduce bulky materials, saving precious storage space.

Reach out to our SPS packaging specialists to learn more about how our void fill solutions can benefit you.

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Types of void fill

We carry a vast array of void fill to accommodate your packaging needs, including:

  • Air cushions
    Air cushions help prevent contents from shifting and damage in transit. In addition, this reliable and efficient void fill solution ships flat, helping to preserve warehouse space. Air cushions are available in economy, standard, and heavy-duty options, with many recyclable options.

Bubble cushioning
Bubble cushioning is a lightweight solution ideal for surface protection, interleaving, cushioning, or filling voids in a variety of applications, with many options containing partial recycled content. Choose from several grades to meet your needs, depending on your preferred level of durability.

  • Void fill paper
    Our void fill paper options include 100% recycled, recyclable, and biodegradable solutions that allow you to fill, cushion, block, or brace your packages. Available in 30# and 45# basis weights, 15” and 30” fanfold bundles, pull-from-the-middle rolls, and other options, you’ll find everything you need here.

  • Foam in place
    Foam in place void fill packaging is uniquely versatile, with high-quality foam that molds around your packaged product to create a customized cushion. Foam in place is especially useful for fragile products, sharp edges, odd shapes, and many other packaging applications.

  • Custom void fill delivery systems
    We can design and install custom dispensing storage systems for air cushions or other void fill materials, reducing your packaging materials and damage claims for a more cost-efficient solution.

Beyond these void fill solutions, we also offer cushioned mailers to meet your packaging needs. To learn more about these and other void fill packaging solutions, reach out to us today.

Contact an SPS packaging specialist to learn more about our void fill equipment offerings for on-demand air cushions, bubble cushioning, and more.

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About us

When it comes to choosing a packaging partner that’s as committed to your success as you are, we’ve earned a reputation that sets us above the rest. Choose us because:

  1. We have one of the widest selections of products – For over five decades, we’ve developed an extensive network of suppliers with vast product selections to give you access to the broadest array of packaging solutions, including the latest technologies designed for efficiency and performance.

  2. We work with industry-leading suppliers – Our dunnage and void fill packaging partners are leaders in our field, continually proving that they deserve a spot on our preferred vendor lists because of their firm commitments to quality, delivery, and innovation.

  3. Our people are experts in our field – Our team of SPS packaging specialists has the in-depth knowledge and expertise to deliver an exceptional level of service that stands above and beyond our competitors.

  4. We carry environmentally responsible packaging options – With our customers and their consumers demanding more sustainability from their packaging, we continuously give you access to the latest green-friendly solutions that are easier on Mother Earth.

  5. We have the best prices – Our dedication to delivering high-quality packaging solutions at the lowest cost per packaged unit remains as true today as it was when we started in 1970. You can rest assured that we’ll make good on our long-standing promise to become your value-added packaging partner.

If you’re looking for a packaging partner that cares about providing high-quality dunnage and void fill solutions at the lowest price with excellent service, give us a try. We are The Whole Package – selection, quality, service, and price. You’ll get it all here – and more.

To learn more about our dunnage and void fill, reach out to our SPS packaging specialists today.

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