Lidding Films

SPS Corporation offers a wide variety of multi- and monolayer polymer lidding films for all food tray types including PP, Alufoil, CPET, and APET.  These packaging solutions are used in the meat, poultry, fish, seafood, and ready-meal industries. 

Whether your need is for weld seal monolayer film or a peelable multilayer laminate, SPS has the right solution for your product.

Our polyester structures are available with a high-oxygen barrier and offer exceptional transparency and anti-fogging properties.  These barriers are weld sealed to rPET or APET trays. For sustainability, the tray and lidding solution is designed for the PET recycling stream. 

Our peelable lidding films are designed to withstand the high temperatures used in retort sterilization. This helps  to extend the shelf life of ambient products ranging from ready meals to single-serve fruit containers.  

These transparent multilayer laminate films have water vapor and high-oxygen barrier properties. They seal to PP and PP lacquered foil trays delivering a strong, smooth, hot-and-cold peel. 

Our laminate films can be used for ambient, chilled, or frozen tray lidding applications. They are suitable for printing, delivering enhanced branding opportunities, and product presentation. 

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