Bundling Films

undefinedShrink bundling films remain one of the most cost-effective packaging methods for securing your product for distribution and shelf display.  By eliminating corrugate and paperboard materials you are able to bundle your product at a low cost. Shrink bundling films are popular in packaging designs for the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries.

Shrink bundling films combine production efficiency with minimal material use.  Standard bundling films continue to get clearer and stronger allowing for a clean, crisp product appearance.  High-resolution printing and affordable flexography formats provide the opportunity for quality advertising and brand recognition.

bundling films SPS Corporation remains a pioneer in the shrink bundling market working with vendors on custom formulations and printing methods. 

We understand how important the interface with equipment and the need for field support is.  Here are some more reasons why you should consider SPS shrink bundling films:

  • Our shrink bundling films are optimal for heavy items such as cases of waters, sodas, cans, as well as unitizing items.
  • Our films require up to 75% less material than similar corrugated packaging methods.
  • Printed bundling films offer an opportunity to advertise your product with maximum brand recognition.
  • Our films offer protection from dust, water and other contaminants.
  • SPS offers efficient and flexible shrink bundling film production.

Still not sure if shrink bundling is right for your product?  Are you having trouble with your existing shrink bundling films?  Give an SPS Packaging Specialist a call today and let us review your needs.  We can recommend the right film for your product and equipment.

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