Polyolefin Shrink Film

afg shrinkwrapSPS Corporation is a pioneer in the development and use of polyolefin shrink films.  Our founders, while working at DuPont Corporation, helped develop some of the original polyolefin shrink film formulations for commercial use.  With the help of DuPont they were able to launch SPS and bring the Clysar Shrink Film line to the packaging industry.  No other distributor in the country has as much experience and knowledge in the use and application of polyolefin shrink films.  We are still proud to represent the Clysar product line and its continued innovations.

Clysar manufactures high-performance polyolefin shrink films for a wide variety of packaging applications. Today, our product line includes a complete portfolio of distinctly different and innovative films. Clysar has worldwide operations with over 300 employees at at their Clinton, Iowa headquarters.

There are very real differences between polyolefin shrink film brands. With every roll of Clysar film, you can “Expect the Best.” Here are a few reasons why:

  • Industry-leading clarity, gloss, consistencyundefined
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified quality
  • FDA/USDA approved packaging
  • FSSC 22000 certified
  • Stability/reliability—Clysar® shrink film won’t discolor or become brittle with age and freezing temperatures
  • Made in the USA—Clysar® shrink wrap is a domestic product not vulnerable to shortages, delays or other supply reliability challenges

Looking for the right polyolefin film for your application?  Whether you need standard, low energy, high shrink, or high-speed films; an SPS Packaging Specialist can make sure you specify the right product.   Give us a call today.  

Get to know SPS.  You’ll understand why we are the Whole Package!