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How New Technology by Clysar® is Boosting Sustainability

In today’s rapidly evolving market, sustainability is not only a trend but a crucial component of business operations. Companies across various industries are seeking innovative solutions to minimize their environmental impact while maintaining high performance. Shrink Packaging Systems Corporation (SPS), an independent packaging distributor of packaging solutions, is at the forefront of this shift, offering the best professional and most cost-effective products. SPS provides its clients with cutting-edge, eco-friendly packaging solutions that meet the demands of modern businesses.

Among these innovations, Clysar’s® new technology in shrink films is leading the charge with groundbreaking advancements that boost sustainability. With a focus on developing recyclable and recycled content shrink films, Clysar’s® latest products are designed to meet stringent recycling standards while delivering superior performance. These advancements not only benefit the environment but also provide tangible advantages for businesses looking to enhance their sustainability efforts.

The EV-HPG Recyclable Shrink Wrap

Clysar® has revamped its EV-HPG shrink wrap to meet modern recycling standards, making it an ideal choice for companies prioritizing sustainability. This updated formulation ensures that the shrink wrap is easier to recycle, thus reducing waste and promoting a circular economy.

Key Benefits of EV-HPG:

  • Easily Recycled: The new EV-HPG is designed for straightforward recycling processes. This means that the material can be easily collected, sorted, and reprocessed without complex or costly procedures. By simplifying the recycling process, EV-HPG supports efficient waste management and reduces the burden on recycling facilities.
  • Enhanced Performance: While improving recyclability, the material maintains its superior shrink properties and strength. This ensures that the packaging continues to provide excellent protection and durability for products, even under demanding conditions. Businesses can trust that EV-HPG will perform reliably without compromising on sustainability.
  • Environmental Impact: Using recyclable shrink wrap helps lower the environmental footprint by reducing landfill waste. By choosing EV-HPG, companies contribute to a circular economy where materials are reused and repurposed. This significantly decreases the volume of waste sent to landfills, promoting a more sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging solution.

The Clysar® EVO Family

The Clysar® EVO Family is a collection of shrink films prequalified for Store Drop-Off by How2Recycle. These films are crafted with pre-consumer and post-consumer recycled content, making them a prime example of sustainable packaging.

EVO: All-Purpose Shrink Film

The EVO film is a clear, versatile shrink wrap manufactured with certified Clysar® EVO pre-consumer recycled content. This film is suitable for various applications, ensuring both sustainability and reliability.

EVO-C: Privacy Wrap

The EVO-C film consists of 35% post-consumer recycled resins and is opaque, offering privacy for sensitive shipments. This material not only supports recycling efforts but also meets privacy requirements for packaging.

EVOX: High-Speed, High-Strength Film

EVOX is designed for demanding automated applications, delivering high-speed performance and exceptional strength. This makes it an excellent choice for operations requiring durable and efficient shrink-packaging solutions.

Clysar® Advanced Polymer Technology

Clysar’s® advanced polymer technology is at the forefront of sustainable packaging innovations. These new materials are meticulously designed to meet stringent recycling standards, ensuring they contribute positively to the environment.


  • Recyclability: These polymers are tailored for the recycling stream of polyethylene (PE) films, making material collection and reprocessing more efficient.
  • Energy Efficiency: The technology requires less energy and resources to recover into usable Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) content.
  • High-Quality Material: The advanced polymers process easily into high-quality material, which can be remanufactured into PCR products.
  • Current Research Compliance: Developed using the latest research and testing protocols from How2Recycle®? and other recycling design guides, ensuring compliance with contemporary standards.

Key Components of Clysar’s® Sustainable Packaging

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Material Evaluation and Optimization

Effective sustainable packaging begins with thorough Material Evaluation and Material Optimization. These steps are crucial in ensuring that the packaging materials used are not only effective but also environmentally friendly. Clysar’s® materials undergo rigorous evaluation and optimization to meet these criteria.

Sustainability and Environmental Impact

Clysar’s® commitment to Sustainability and Environmental Impact is evident in their continuous development of eco-friendly packaging solutions. By prioritizing sustainable practices, Clysar® helps businesses reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a healthier planet.

The SPS Difference

The SPS Difference lies in their dedication to providing professional, cost-effective packaging solutions that do not compromise on quality or sustainability. By partnering with Clysar®, Shrink Packaging Systems Corp ensures their clients receive top-notch, eco-friendly packaging materials.

The Impact of Clysar’s® Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Advantages for Businesses

  1. Cost Savings: Utilizing recyclable materials can lead to significant cost savings in waste management and material procurement.
  2. Brand Image: Companies that adopt sustainable packaging solutions can enhance their brand image, appealing to environmentally conscious consumers.
  3. Regulatory Compliance: Staying ahead of regulatory requirements for packaging and recycling can prevent potential compliance issues and fines.

Consumer Benefits

  • Eco-Friendly Choices: Consumers are increasingly looking for products that align with their values. Sustainable packaging options meet this demand.
  • Reduced Waste: Recyclable and recycled-content packaging helps consumers contribute to waste reduction efforts.

Embrace Sustainability with Clysar®

Clysar’s® new technology in recyclable shrink wrap represents a significant step forward in sustainable packaging solutions. By adopting these innovative materials, businesses can achieve their sustainability goals while maintaining high standards of performance and efficiency.

For businesses eager to enhance their packaging sustainability, now is the perfect time to explore Clysar’s® new offerings. Contact Us Today to discuss your needs and discover how Shrink Packaging Systems Corp can support your sustainability initiatives.