Green Packaging: Sustainable Solutions for Earth Day with SPS70

You can start anticipating next month’s 45th yearly Earth Day celebrations now that spring is almost here. Every year on April 22, people commemorate Earth Day to better the world in which we live. Over one billion people participate in related events each year, making Earth Day the biggest civic holiday in the world.

Even though going green can seem complicated for some, every little effort improves the environment, making each day an Earth Day.

In celebration of this coming Earth Day, we’ve gathered some motivational illustrations of an environmentally friendly packaging machine. The sustainable solutions used in these tasks are designed to reduce waste. Have a look and be motivated to do your part to assist the environment.

SPS Green Machine

Professionals in the business are aware that modern side-sealing units are every shrink line’s weakness. Drive belts and other components frequently warp, melt, or break due to the scorching ambient heat produced by the sealing mechanisms, often stopping lines for expert repair and part replacement. The SPS Green Machine, created in collaboration with Clysar®, employs patented tech that works at reduced ambient temperatures, essentially removing spare parts expense and the inconveniences of downtime, all while enhancing energy and line efficiency for a kinder — and more innovative — alternative to shrink wrapping.

SPS engineers worked to increase the shrink line productivity so businesses could seal more products per hour, use fewer rewraps, and be more environmentally friendly. They found that you can achieve these objectives by reducing operating temperatures and altering how you seal film. Their inventiveness led to the creation of the SPS Green Machine, which is still used today.

The SPS Green Machine is a shrink line mainstay for well-known brands nationwide, from the contract and pharmaceutical packaging sectors to the building supply and consumer product goods (CPG) industries.

Here are the actual results obtained with the SPS Green Machine

Over 1,000 businesses nationally, including Berkeley Contract Packaging, have experienced great success with the SPS Green Machine. One of the first to make a name for themselves was Berkeley, a contract packager in Kenilworth, New Jersey. The SPS Green Machine, as per its president and GM, provided the following:

  • Rapid retrofit implementation
  • Simplified setup
  • A 50% increase in throughput.
  • Reduced scrap level;
  • Greater on-time delivery;
  • increased repeatability;
  • Improved seal consistency;
  • Decreased downtime;
  • Expert upkeep

Note that the Green Machine is compatible with most wrapping machines and that the retrofit procedure is quick and straightforward; you can start using the device as soon as feasible. To guarantee seamless integration, our SPS packaging experts can assess your machinery to create sustainable solutions.

Being eco-aware and going green are wise business decisions that benefit SPS70 shared neighborhoods and your company. Any company can run with the environment in view (saving cash in the process).

The brand can assist you with everything from utilizing recycled shipping materials and eco-friendly cleaning products to using green counseling services. It will improve the environmental sustainability, consciousness, and energy economics of your company.

Take aways for sustainable solutions

Keep in mind that everyone can contribute to the cause of a healthy ecosystem during this Earth Month. By doing one small, kind thing, you can significantly lessen your carbon footprint and contribute to a cleaner world for a long time! These small sustainable solutions can make a big impact.

To operate the equipment they provide, SPS70 maintains all the eco-friendly packaging supplies one needs in stock. Please get in touch with our company if you have any questions about the materials required to enhance your packaging procedure. Contact us right away to make an order and purchase eco-friendly packing supplies.

Are you prepared to increase your business’s efficiency and profits while minimizing its environmental impact? To begin your complimentary 1-month trial, contact them.