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Back to School: Smart Packaging Solutions for Colleges & Universities

In recent years, there has been a shift to disposable food-ware and packaging solutions for dining purposes at learning institutions. One of the reasons for this shift is an increasing student preference for tamper-evident grab-and-go food options, among other food safety concerns. As colleges and universities open to on-campus students, innovative food packaging solutions are essential for food protection and the effective operation of dining services in these institutions. SPS employs state-of-the-art technologies and material science to develop industry-leading packaging solutions that can revolutionize food packaging for campuses. 

SPS Material Solutions 

SPS offers a wide variety of material options for colleges and universities to produce cost-effective food packages. Our world-class solutions include: 

  • Clamshells – Thermoformed plastic packages with two sides that fold onto each other, connected by seals or tabs. Clamshells offer great food protection, content visibility, and customizations. Sophisticated sealing technologies include:
    • Radio frequency
    • Ultrasonic
    • UV
    • Impulse
    • Thermal sealing
  • Blisters – Thermoformed plastic packages with clear pockets or cavities and a paperboard backing that showcases product information. Several sealing methods which include thermal sealing, are used to seal the plastic to the printed paperboard. You can source blisters in a variety of stock or custom packages. SPS blisters are cost-effective, versatile, tamper-evident, and allow product visibility. 
  • Shrink Packaging – Shrink packaging systems from SPS include shrink bands and shrink sleeve labels. Shrink bands wrap around bottles and jars when heat is applied to prevent tampering. Available options include Preform and Cut & tamper-evident shrink bands. These are pieces of plastic casing made from film materials, including:
    • PVC
    • PLA
    • PETG
  • Shrink Sleeve Labels – These sleeves provide branding opportunities and enhance shelf appeal. SPS shrink-wrapping systems also offer flexibility in terms of application, perforation, color, and custom printing options. Available options include:
    • Partial-body sleeve labels
    • Full-body sleeve labels
    • Multipack sleeve labels
  • Packaging Tape – SPS has an impressive selection of packaging tapes ideal for food carton sealing, tamper-proofing, and other specialty applications. The high-quality packaging tapes are available in:
    • Stock prints
    • Custom print
    • Non-printed

You can also source different types, including acrylic, hot melt tape, water-activated paper, strapping tape, and specialty packaging tapes. 

Packaging Equipment 

To ensure the efficiency of food packaging processes in colleges and universities, SPS offers packaging equipment boasting advanced technologies and high-quality engineering. With a technical service team behind you, you can incorporate the following SPS equipment offerings into your food packaging and campus dining services: 

1. SPS Green Machine 

The revolutionary SPS Green Machine is a retrofit side sealer that can be a game-changer for your campus food programs. The patented design utilizes a digitally-controlled heater featuring a thermocouple to eliminate sealing wheels. 

It delivers the appropriate amount of heat and pressure to produce strong consistent seals. The side sealer’s simple and versatile design ensures higher production yields, less wastage, low downtime, and minimal maintenance. 

2. Shrink Wrapping Equipment 

SPS is an industry leader in the integration of shrink-wrapping systems and materials. Our experts can design and install equipment tailored to your food packaging requirements. 

The extensive standard and custom product line includes intermittent and continuous motion side sealers, bottom lap sealers, L-bar sealers, and vertical seal jaw wrappers. Conveyor and material handling solutions, including belted, roller, and tabletop technologies, also support the seamless operations of SPS shrink-wrap packaging systems. 

3. Shrink Sleeve Applicators 

A shrink sleeve applicator enables you to leverage the power of 360-degree branding and shelf appeal. It also offers tamper-evident and easy-to-open packages to your students. This piece of equipment can handle large volumes and a wide range of sizes with minimal downtime and few changeover components. 

4. Case Erecting and Sealing Machines 

SPS case erecting and sealing can bolster college and university food packaging functions in several ways. The automatic and semi-automatic machines reduce labor, facilitate efficient high-volume operations, and save time. The machines are easy to use and allow you to tape and secure the content of food boxes quickly. You can also adjust the equipment to suit different case dimensions. 

How Colleges and Universities Benefit from SPS Packaging Solutions 

Our best-in-class products and services can benefit your educational institution in a myriad of ways. Most importantly, our innovative equipment solutions and packaging supplies ensure food safety by offering protection from contamination and tampering. Our products can also help campuses preserve food, reduce wastage, and reduce staff labor. 

Smart packaging solutions also have convenience benefits such as easy access and handling, product visibility, and easy disposal. Finally, food packages act as viable information and branding mediums. 

By partnering with SPS, colleges, and universities can develop efficient and cost-effective food packaging operations that simplify on-campus dining services as students resume their studies. Feel free to contact SPS today and talk to our specialists regarding your packaging needs.