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The Power of Top Shipping Companies: Packaging Solutions and Heat-Sealing Methods for B2B Success

As the summer heat intensifies, maintaining the quality and integrity of packaged products becomes critical for any shipping company. For one, elevated temperatures during summer complicate matters. Regardless of your industry, effective packaging is crucial in safeguarding your goods. Heat sealing can be helpful in these conditions. This widely adopted packaging preserves product quality, prevents spoilage, and safeguards against contaminants. Read on to get more information:

Let’s discuss the value of heat-sealing methods for summer packaging and explore two effective techniques: Radio Frequency (RF) and Impulse Sealing.

Radio Frequency (RF) Sealing: Power-Packed Packaging

1. RF sealing uses electromagnetic energy to create heat and seal thermoplastic material.

Manufacturers subject packaging materials to an RF field generated between two electrodes in this process. The electromagnetic waves encourage fusion, which creates a strong seal. The consistent seals see to it that your package remains intact, maintaining product freshness and preventing spoilage throughout transportation and storage.

2. This fast and efficient sealing process is ideal for high-volume production during the busy summer.

Moreover, you’ll have consistent and reliable seals that withstand temperature variations. SPS70 heat-sealing solution keeps moisture, air, and contaminants at bay – your shipping company won’t worry about the freshness and quality of packaged goods.

RF sealing also generates heat within the sealed material, reducing heat transfer to the surrounding environment. Power-packed packaging suits materials like PVC packaging films, PET, and specific polyethylene films.

3. With RF sealing, you can achieve hermetic seals that ensure an airtight and moisture-proof environment within the package.

The seal preserves quality and extends the shelf life of perishable products. Power-packed sealing is particularly crucial in the summer when the heat and humidity can accelerate the degradation process.

Impulse Sealing: Securing Packages

Impulse sealing involves applying heat from a constant heating element to the packaging material for a specific time. The applied heat causes the material to melt and create a seal after pressure application.

Your shipping company can benefit from the versatility of this technique. Notably, you’ll get consistent results as heat application is precisely controlled. Impulse sealing produces strong and tamper-evident seals, offering enhanced security against unauthorized access to packaged products.

Impulse sealing also generates heat within the sealing area, helping to maintain the integrity of the packaging while preventing heat-related damage to your products. By leveraging the value of impulse sealing, your shipping company can confidently package goods and ensure client satisfaction and peace of mind throughout the summer season and beyond.

The SPS70 Difference

SPS assesses multiple factors to help you select the appropriate heat-sealing method for your summer packaging needs. Expect value-added consulting services that enhance packaging productivity.

SPS70’s design and innovation solution addresses your packaging needs while monitoring product logistics, sustainability, and marketing. At SPS, you’ll find genuine empathy, passion, and honest communication that results in mutually beneficial relationships.

Another thing, SPS combines systems engineering, packaging consumables, and equipment solutions. Leverage faster response times and access to diverse equipment that minimize costs while maximizing efficiency. Expect unmatched technical support that guarantees peak efficiency all year round. You’ll partner with a knowledgeable team that strives to find tailored solutions for your packaging needs at affordable rates.

SPS70 keeps up with the summer packaging trends to preserve your products’ integrity while keeping them fresh.

Protecting Products, Preserving Quality: Heat-Sealing Solutions for Summer Packaging Success

Heat sealing methods are crucial in maintaining package integrity during the summer months. Partnering with SPS70 ensures your shipping company gets top-rated packaging solutions. With over twenty-five years in the packaging industry, the packaging engineering team offers unparalleled advice and service.

By leveraging the speed and efficiency of heat-sealing, we can package products and allow you to deliver them with peace of mind, even in the scorching summer heat. Contact us to learn more about how we can maintain your products’ integrity during the summer.